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Electrical steel / Silicon steel / Magnetic Steel

Non grain oriented electrical steel / Grain oriented electrical steel

Electrical steel / Silicon steel / Magnetic Steel

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Electrical steel (silicon steel / Magnetic Steel) plays a vital role in the generation, transmission, distribution and use of electrical power and is one of the most important magnetic materials produced today.

Grain oriented steel is 3% silicon-iron alloys developed with a grain orientation to provide very low power loss and high permeability in the rolling direction, for high efficiency transformers.

Non oriented fully processed steel is iron-silicon alloys with varying silicon contents and have similar magnetic properties in all directions in the plan of the sheet. They are principally used for motors, generators, alternators, ballasts, small transformers and a variety of other electro magnetic applications.    

Non grain oriented electrical steel
We keep the strong and intimate relationships with different reputed mills in China, especially CSC in Taiwan. We can supply the CRNGO in prime, overolled, secondary quality in monthly basis. 

REGULAR 0.35 35CS210 B35A210   35H210 35JN210 M210-35A 35PN210    
  B35A230   35H230   35JN230 M235-35A 35PN230    
35CS250 B35A250   35WW250 35H250   35JN250   M250-35A   35PN250   2413  M-15  
  B35A270   35WW270 35H270   35JN270   M270-35A   35PN270   2412  M-19  
35CS300 B35A300   35WW300 35H300   35JN300   M300-35A   35PN300   2411 M-22/M-27
  B35A360   35WW360 35H360   35JN360   35PN360    
35CS440 B35A440 35WW440 35H440 35JN440   35PN455    
  B35A550         35PN560     
0.5   B50A230     50H230 50JN230   M230-50A    50PN230    
50CS250 B50A250   50WW250 50H250   50JN250   M250-50A   50PN250      
  B50A270 50WW270 50H270     50JN270   M270-50A   50PN270   2414  
50CS290 B50A290   50WW290 50H290   50JN290    M290-50A   50PN290   2413 M-15 
  B50A310   50WW310 50H310    50JN310   M310-50A   50PN310   2412 M-19 
50CS350 B50A350   50WW350 50H350   50JN350   M350-50A   50PN350   M-22  
  B50A400 50WW400     M400-65A    50PN400   M-27/M-36
  B50A470   50WW470 50H470   50JN470  M470-50A   50PN445  2214  
50CS600 B50A600   50WW600 50H600 50JN600   M600-50A    50PN595   2212  
  B50A700   50WW700 50H700    50JN700    M700-50A   50PN760   M-47
50CS800 B50A800   50WW800 50H800   50JN800   M800-50A   50PN890    2011  
50CS1000 B50A1000    50WW1000 50H1000   50JN1000 M940-50A   50PN1015    
50CS1300 B50A1300  50WW1300 50H1300   50JN1300  M1100-50A   50PN1270    
0.65 65CS470 B65A470       M470-65A   65PN470   M-43 
65CS600 B65A600        M600-65A   65PN595   M-45 
  B65A700       M700-65A     65PN760    
65CS800 B65A800     65JN800   M800-65A   65PN890    M-47  
  B65A1000     65JN1000  M1000-65A     65PN1015    
  B65A1300     65JN1300  M1300-65A   65PN1270    
HIB 0.35   B35AH230     35JNE230          
35CS250H B35AH250      35JNE250          
  B35AH300      35JNE300          


Grain oriented electrical steel          
With almost a decade development, nowadays, we can supply CRGO from the world top 10 steel mills in the quality of prime, overrolled, prime excess, secondary, sheet, triangle, and dismantled. 

CGO 0.23   B23G110   23Z110     C110-23      3409  
  B23G120       C120-23        
0.27 27Q120 B27G120    27Z120   27JG120   C120-27   27PG120    3407  
27Q130 B27G130     27Z130   27JG130   C130-27   27PG130   3406  
27Q140       C140-27     3405  
0.3 30Q120 B30G120   30Z120   30JG120     30PG120   3408  
30Q130 B30G130   30Z130   30JG130    C130-30   30PG130   3407  
30Q140 B30G140   30Z140    30JG140   C140-30   30PG140    3405  
0.35 35Q135 B35G135   35Z135   35JG135         3407  
35Q145 B35G145   35Z145   35JG145     35PG145   3406  
35Q155 B35G155   35Z155   35JG155     35PG155      
HIB 0.23   B23P090   23ZH90   23JGH090   H090-23   23PH090      
  B23P095    23ZH95   23JGH095  H095-23   23PH095     
  B23P100   23ZH100    23JGH100   H100-23   23PH100      H-0
0.27   B27P095   27ZH95         27PH095    
27QG100 B27P100   27ZH100    27JGH100   H103-27   27PH100    
27QG110 B27P110   27ZH110    27JGH110       3409 H-1
27QG120           3408  
0.3 30QG100 B30P100    30ZH100        30PH100    
30QG105 B30P105    30ZH105   30JGH105    H105-30   30PH105    
30QG110 B30P110   30ZH110     30JGH110   H111-30      
30QG120 B30P120   30ZH120          3409  
0.35   B35P115     35ZH115   35JGH115     35PH115    
  B35P125    35ZH125   35JGH125     35PH125   3409  
  B35P135   35ZH135   35JGH135     35PH135     3407  
LASER 0.23   B23R080   23ZDKH80   23JGSD80     23PHD080      
  B23R085     23ZDKH85   23JGSD85   H085-23   23PHD085    
  B23R090    23ZDKH90   23JGSD90    H-0DR      
0.27   B27R090     27ZDKH90   27JGSD090   H090-27   27PHD090    
  B27R095   27ZDKH95   27JGSD095     27PHD095      H-1DR